Battlefield 1 Review (Xbox One)

Battlefield 1

Console: Xbox One, PS4, PC

In Battlefield 1 we find ourselves well into maybe the BEST franchise of gaming since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  It starts in 1918, in the boots of a soldier.  After being told you are designed NOT to make it, you still can’t help but get personal with your soldier.  No matter the size of fight in the dog, you WILL die.   The tragedy in persona so early in the game robs you of any happiness or excitement as the stage is set in darkness.

I started off with “Operations”, a new game mode we find among a few others (War Pigeons etc.).  Right off the bat I’m sitting in a trench, with a bolt action rifle, and hear the whistle to charge.  “Hell YEAH!”  It doesn’t ease you into the diverse gameplay, it ties you up, puts a rag over your face, and waterboards you with intense battles over a HUGE map with 64 soldiers fighting all over and a story to go along.  You fight within a certain “region” as you either defend or attack the land.  The map can end with a winner and end up making them a loser the next round if their enemy can pull their game together.  Don’t miss this interactive history lesson.

*UPDATE.  Battlefield 1 has added a new map FREE to download!  Make sure to check it out.  Here is DICE’s link to the update.


  1. GRAPHICS! It gives us the graphics of Star Wars: Battlefront with the gameplay and experience of Battlefield 4.  I. AM. SOLD.  A company finally took advantage of the graphics the Xbox One is capable of using.
  2. Weapons: I don’t have a history degree, but the weapons have the feel of being over 100 years old. I can dig it, DICE.
  3. AIRPLANES.  Definitely a new vehicle to Video Game Community, it takes away the Mach-5 feeling of jets in Battlefield 4 and slows it down for us mouth breathers.
  4. Military Tactics. Yes. Violence of Action and the military combat tactics from Basic will still set you apart in this Ground War 

No Go’s

NO HARDCORE DAY 1?!  Come on now DICE, we know you are capable of bringing us a full and complete game.  This one hits hard when it comes to expectations of the Battlefield Franchise.  (Has been said by Developers that next update will contain “Hardcore” lobbies.

PLANES BUG.  If you fly your plane into a “Bomber”, you will be stuck on top of the enemy’s plane until you become unstuck.  Not really a huge deal, but something that needs to be fixed.

BAYONET CHARGE BUGS.  If you’ve caught yourself in the heat of the battle doing a bayonet charge, chances are you’ve spent a few lifetimes circling your prey while charging.  I REALLY hope they fix this one, making the Bayonet Charge one of the FRESHEST and EXCITING additions to FPS.

Overall Rating

GO.   This game obviously did really well and surprised us all, even from the BETA.  There were quite a few bugs that we expect to see patched but won’t affect me recommending it for you to buy.  This one definitely outshines Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the predecessors of the Battlefield Franchise.  Add a grown up game to that stack of games.

Battlefield 1 is the Back to the Future of video games.  It takes us back to World War I.  Fix bayonets, Gentlemen.

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