State of Decay: Year One (Xbox One)

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

Console Reviewed on: Xbox One


State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition for the Xbox One is the standard of open world Zombie games. Just in time for Black Friday discounts too on the Xbox Live Marketplace at 15$ and some change. It includes the original State of Decay for the Xbox 360 and then two add on’s, State of Decay: Breakdown and State of Decay:Lifeline both with their own perfect unique personalities. However I’m not going to get into both add on’s as SoD:Breakdown is the same map and selection of characters.  Basically it’s just more of a newborn blitzkrieg survival mode.


  1. Zombies – Yep, this is always a Go in my book. Any and every game can and SHOULD be supplemented with these cash eating monsters. Trust me if I were Ubisoft, I’d strongly consider throwing them into The Division… but hey I’m not a developer for an Ischemic video game producer.  
  2. Diversity of Aspects – Of course you either have to be at Ground Zero or return from vacation to witness the infection first hand. The game incorporates your journal to give you back story and show a little of the main characters  personality and journey. And as far as sustainment, the game’s mechanics require that you keep up the supply and demands of the necessities of your COB.  You are required to search via radio or foot more survivors for better chances of survival. And with that comes more mouths to feed… in which you must find more food and build more beds. Yeah, it gets pretty real.
  3.  Reality – The bottom line is… if any of your favorite characters die in battle.. they are gone for good unless you restart the game. I find this awesomely attractive because it forces for hand to be conservative once you’ve poured so much time into one character. Even more impressive, the characters at your base show depression and recollection whenever your character dies, and, through dialect, always reflect weather he was someone that helped the community or was just an asshole.


  1. Proper Ranks and Titles?! – In the second add on SoD: Lifeline, EVERYONE calls your character “Sir”, even though she is a FEMALE. The NPC’s bounce back and forth with the occasional “ma’am”, to the majority “Sir”.  Not a big deal when the positives of this game outweigh the negative, just extremely frustrating for me, being in the Army, to hear. 
  2. Vehicle Strength – The weakness of vehicles are just that, weak.  You encounter a ton of vehicles in the add ons, but as far as SoD: Year 1, it is SPARCE. I don’t know about you but I am sure vehicles can undergo way more of a beatdown than this game allows. Maybe a point for realism? Not in my Manuel. 
  3. “Cutscenes” – If thats what you want to call them. When activated, the cutscenes don’t generate any different angles or point of views or change in lighting to show drama. It literally just loads up the exact 3rd person angle you play the game in with dialogue. Being a very small gig, this one sticks out among anything else I’ve seen. 
  4. No Multiplayer – Come ON!! Don’t refurbish an awesome open world game without putting an online aspect to it. The Developers are perfectly capable of putting in this simple addition to make this game The Standard. This is a huge negative. Now this game will miss a HUGE crowd and tag and DEMAND for battle buddy compatible video games. 

OpOrd Rating: GO

The positives are so fun to experience and always self generate new and awesome ways to play this zombie survival game. It beats out 7 Days to Die by a LANDSLIDE as this game has no comparison to any  game of it’s time. However like I stated, this game NEEDS Multiplayer BADLY!!! How sick would it be to run around in these huge maps hunting zombies and building fortresses out of houses with your battle buddy?! You couldn’t put a price on it.  A very well done refurbished game from the Xbox 360. Keep impressing us gaming industry. Us military folk want to continue our tactics into the virtual word.

State of Decay: Year One Edition is hands down one of my favorite refurbishes from our classic Xbox 360.  Keep improving guys.

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