FREE Battlefield 1 Map update!

Actual screenshot of  “Giant’s Shadow” FREE DLC taken from the game engine.  NO false advertising here.

Yes Gamers, we have our first DLC Map out called “Giant Shadow” which came out for us free loafers on December 20th and December 13th for the “gifted“.  You could have gotten it a lot earlier if you just bought the expensive Premium…

Anyway, the new map includes a Grenade Crossbow where you can launch little casualty producing battle buddies at early 19th century enemies.  This new weapon add-on is for the Support class and will feature the basic frag grenades as well as a high explosive choice.

Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page if you played it, liked it, or don’t even have it.

Watch the Trailer here and here for the EA Games website page.


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