Doom (2016) PC Review – My Gory Thoughts


Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4

Reviewed Platform: PC

Let’s be honest for a minute. If you’re even slightly tuned into new game release news, you already know the re-done Doom has been out since May. But if you’re like me and never played the original (parents with conservative values, am I right?), then this may still be a title you haven’t checked out. Well, never fear, my sweet little chickadees! The game is 67% off during the Steam winter sale, so I decided to get a copy and share a couple of my thoughts with you. (Your treasure awaits.  Here’s the hook up PC – Doom SALE)

First and foremost, this game looks pretty damn good. Pardon me if I don’t compose poetry about it, but what more do I really need to say? Even on a non-top-of-the-line rig like mine, everything runs silky smooth. The Glory Kills, while they go by pretty quickly, satisfy that deep-seated desire of ours to see some gore up close. The weapons feel nice and beefy to fire, from the starting pistol and all the way up.

One thing that could keep some people from playing this game would be the story. Yeah, you’re a space marine running around grabbing different colored keycards to make your way through the game, blasting away at wave after wave of demons all the while. It’s definitely not going to be winning any awards for best writing, but … does that really matter? You’re a badass in a suit turning everything into satisfying red goop, why the hell do you need a story?

All in all, I’d consider this a game worth owning, so it gets a Go from me. Like I mentioned earlier, you can get this beauty for under $20 until January 2nd at the Steam sale, so the value is without question. If you’re big into the multiplayer and have some friends with the title, there are a few DLC packs with extra multiplayer content that will set you back another $35 for all of them.

And, with that, happy demon hunting, boys and girls.

Writen by: PlasticPhoenix, US Army, PC gamer


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