Spotlight: Zero Dark Thirty Watches

With the help of a fellow Contributor, a NEW product is beginning it’s own Kickstarter known as Zero Dark Thirty.

The reason I am calling your attention to this specific product is due to the fact that they aim to respect, honor, and highlight the service of men and women in all first responder positions as well as those of the military.  I for one, am a watch addict, and look forward to purchasing from this Veteran Company.  I have spent over a thousand dollars on different style watches and brands.  I currently switch between a G-SHOCK Rangeman and an Invicta Speeder Series Chronological watch.  BOTH, in my opinion, are the founding fathers  in both tactical and professional watches, respectively.

Having said that, I look forward to these gentlemen getting their business started up and running so I can buy both their Entrepreneur watch and Assassin watch, both chronological.


The link to their Kickstarter HERE.

If you made it this far, take our POLL.



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