Ghost Recon: Wildland’s – Is it Ghost Recon? BETA Review

I was one to grow up with the definition of Ghost Recon being extreme militaristic simulator that has the most up to date weapon’s and tactics along with some characters to meet the standard of saving the earth.

I played Ghost Recon when that was all that was in the game title, GHOST RECON.
If you are seen by the enemy, you get caught.  If you get shot less than 8 times you are either dead or extremely close to it.  What ever happened to games like this?? The games that promised us a “walk a mile in our boots” type of gameplay?

Unfortunately, I don’t see Wildlands being too close to how I would describe fighting the Cartel or the struggles involved.  Although I HAVE and WILL recommend people buy or pre-order this game, I think we got to lower our expectations from Developers now.



Customization – YEP, the military guys that complain about snowflakes – being individual and having their own unique look setting them apart.  When you start out the game, the game brings name brands to military equipment like Oakley Gloves, Sawfly Eyepro, 5.11 Tactical gear, and more.  Uhh, yeah my character in this game is going to be wearing the same set of Oakley Gascans I wear everyday?! I eat this stuff up.


Vehicles – Just being the BETA, I see helicopters and motorcycles in this wasteland being a huge plus.  I love the way a Littlebird tactical helicopter can lift you and your 3 buds anywhere in the map.  It’s quick and easy.  And if your playing with AI battle buddies while in any vehicle, you can either call them to engage the enemy or cease fire.  Although the vehicles are perfect for getting places, I will touch on the HANDLING of the vehicles in my NO GO section…


Weapons – Even though I am reviewing a BETA Version of this game, I still found myself enjoying the limited equipment I did have.  I want to bring light to the way that the game has developed 3rd person shooting and 1st person shooting into feeling too natural.  Yes they need to fix some minor bugs from the switching of perspectives.  I look forward to seeing all the weapons and skin customizations in the full version.



Vehicle Handling – SUCKS.  If you played the BETA, we all know that they better fix the handling… and quick.  Flying the helicopter in this game is like using a Wii remote control to chop meat.  Fix this, UBISOFT.

Map Size – Yeeaaahhh I know it was just the BETA, but it seemed to me that the map they gave us was about an 1/8 of the full map.  Granted, they did give us a good mix of urban environment and jungle and desert, but I would put this on the negative sides of a review.

Diversity of Missions in BETA – This reason alone makes me feel like this game MIGHT turn into a Pay-to-play title that we like to stay away from.



NO GO – This BETA definitely receives a no go, but I will find the time to update you on the full game once it is released in the beginning of March.  To be fair, I rate on a GO/ NO GO scale. YES or NO.  Even though I know the full game will have the complete and (hopefully) debugged picture, I want to say that the NO GO’s outweigh the GO’s, but that doesn’t mean you should try it for yourself.  Check out the gameplay I recorded from the Website’s LIVE Streaming Account!


Watch the BETA Gameplay here and subscribe to our TWITCH PRIME TV Account – Guardofhonor627

Andrew Selga – Founder – Xbox One – US Army Infantrymen


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