Project Scorpio: Microsoft’s New Console

If you are a big fan of Xbox One’s and Microsoft, then you won’t be surprised to hear about the new power console release, Project Scorpio.

It promises “True 4K Gaming”, 6 Teraflops of power, 320 GB/s Memory bandwidth, and 8 CPU cores.  IN ENGLISH, a powerhouse of a console.  Watching the project video on the site (Click HERE to watch), I see developers wishing and dreaming to have bigger and better games!  Fallout 4 Virtual Reality with crystal clear graphics…

These are buzzwords, BUT I want these developers to focus on making the games we have right now good to go.  We can’t be having games like The Division revised into the game it should have been, a year to a YEAR AND A HALF AFTER IT’S RELEASED.

How can we have a bigger and better system if game developers can’t back up their promises now?  I won’t be suggesting to ANYONE that spending money on new system is a smart move.

What I want to see

If they are going to come out with a newer console system already, this is what it NEEDS to have to set it apart.

  1. Cross Console Compatibility – We need to stop all this PS4/ Xbox Gaming Networks that separate best friends and family members from playing their favorite titles.  And we know it is possible, Rocket League *ehem*.  Keep the PlayStation and Xbox Exclusive titles, but allow us to cross-play the common titles.
  2. Gaming Diversity – PC Games? Why do we need a PC to play PC games if both of them run on Windows?!  I know Memory and processing power plays a huge role, but if this is going to be “the most powerful” console, it better put out power like this so we can play Arma III….
  3. Reasonable Price – We’re headed towards a gaming revolution of Gamers who just spend a little extra cash and build their own gaming PC.  Without going over 400$, you can build an Xbox One  parallel Computer, and buy all your games on Steam for way less money than physical copies.  Something about Project Scorpio has to set itself apart from the ever growing master race that is, PC GAMING.

Also one important highlight to note, 4K TV’s are not common or in every house…YET…  Half of electronics and entertainment isn’t even ready to be formatted to 4K.  I think you can watch a few YouTube Videos of 4K quality videos of landscapes and such… but we haven’t seen a household TV put out any serious notable features.

Are you planning to buy into Microsoft’s Project Scorpio?  Have more info than our first impressions?  Comment below or on our Facebook page and have your input PUBLISHED on our website!



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