Welcome to OpOrd Gaming!

Created with the mission to bring the intel on the latest games, news, trends, items, weapons, and MORE to save you MONEY.  And guess what? IT’S ran BY VETERANS, so you know we aren’t going to lie to you when it comes to a review or a product.

Products? Yes. Video Games? Most likely

Using our unique military perspective on life, we do review products outside of JUST video games.  Ranging from products such as monthly box deliveries to the razor you swear is better than the store bought.  We got it all right here.

ANYONE can use us!

The only thing that makes us different is that we are writing reviews from a “service member mindset”.


No, not all products are bought by military folk.  Other people in the world such as, but not limited to, your family, your friends, civilians, etc use everyday products too.

Want to publish an article or review? Roger that.

It’s very simple… fill out the form in “Contact Us” with your name and email and we will ask for your review, proofread, send it back to you for approval, PUBLISH.  One catch, you must be active, guard, or prior service… or else that would defeat the purpose.

It’s simple, we are like-minded military members, giving you a no BS review of a product or anything that costs your TIME and MONEY.  America’s Warfighters continuing to lead the way, this time with saving you money.. and showing you other cool stuff at the same time.

If you want to contribute or become a reviewer for the site, go to the “Contact Us” menu!


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